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Happy Tails! Family Photo's

  • Casey
  • Roxy
  • Roxy & her "Bubby"
    Roxy & her "Bubby"
  • Trail the Beagle
    Trail the Beagle
  • Trail the Beagle
    Trail the Beagle
  • Sofie & John
NYC Teens For Animals
    Sofie & John NYC Teens For Animals
  • Bruna
  • Litte John & his Dad Eric Leas
    Litte John & his Dad Eric Leas
  • Sofia
  • Bella
  • Bowser
  • Crixus

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  • "Thank you Happy Tails! Pet Boutique for the generous donation to help save the life of my pup Cody. After going through some very difficult times Cody became ill after I moved b..."
    Cody & Brigette Casto
    Happy Tails! Pet Boutique donation recipient
  • "Dear Happy Tails! Pet Boutique, I'm so Very Pleased to have met you -- as a fellow friend, kindred spirit, and advocate to animals. Over these past weeks I've come to see and e..."
    Ci Ci Good
    Happy Tails! Pet Boutique donation recipient


In loving memory Sgt K9 Mina MWD EDD        

K9 working dogs are very special to us here at Happy Tails (Lucky Puppy Pet Mall). We have learned of a special MWD who served our country K9 Mina, though K9 Mina passed away last year after 13 tours of duty. We were saddened to also hear K9 Mina’s beloved Soldier & Handler parents struggles in life. Mina’s “grandmother”, June Etlinger worked very hard & tirelessly to ensure K9 Mina was not classified as equipment & given a proper burial. Too forget all their troubles June made sure their son's K9, Mina received a proper burial shows just how special they are. The soldier adopted Mina after Mina was retired from the military for hip problems. Unfortunately hard times have fallen upon Mina’s grandparents June & Robin Etlinger. June being laid off from her job decreased their income significantly, sadly they lost their home. Though these proud folks did not ask, we feel compelled to help. From now until March 31,2015 we are going to give this family the profits from our online & store sales.  We truly thank Sgt.K9 Mina, his beloved Handler & Soldier for their courage, service & sacrifice so we may live free.  We thank June & Robin Etlinger for their sacrifice, for their son.  Please help us make a difference for this very special family. June & Robin give so much to everyone, never thinking of themselves.

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The finest in their field Captain Rick Yocum, the Officers and Staff protect the animals of NJ and beyond with pride, compassion and sincerity. They are dedicated and driven in protecting all animals, and the most hardworking, honest and empathetic group of folks around. They never tire & are always there to help when they are called. To the "Capt" and NJSPCA Officers & Staff, "It's All About The Animals". Visit their website today, you can order great items from the NJ SPCA and the proceeds help the animals !!!

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